Zebra Snare Drums

Snare drums

The snare drums are constructed in the same stave shell construction as the toms are, but they may vary more in shell thickness. Zebra Drums snare are made using the conventional tuning system. All snare drums are fitted with tube lugs, a Trick strainer and custom snare wire straps, for added sensitivity and durability. Also, there are a lot more wood types to choose from in comparison to the Zebra Drums toms and bass drums. This depends on which woods I can get a hold of. I do specific preferences on request concerning hardware and wood type. Check our current stock below!


Hybrid snare drum

Offers the best of both Hard Maple and Black Walnut. This is a very characteristic snare drum with a deep warm sound and a very nice smooth attack. It’s the perfect snare for studio recordings and live performances.

This snare consists of a 8 mm thick stave shell (no reinforcement-rings) and is fitted with all black chrome hardware, 2,3 mm power hoops and a semi-gloss oil finish. Available in 13” x 5,5,” or 6,5” and 14” x 5,5” or 6,5”.

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Zebra Drums

Current stock

Hybrid snare drum

Hybrid snare drum, 14” x 5,5”

Plane tree

Plane tree 14” x 6”, 8 shell


Maple 14” x 5”, 8 mm shell


Oak 14” x 7”, 11 mm shell


Wengé 13” x 7”, 7,5 mm shell


Mahogany 13” x 6,5”, 11,5 mm shell


Maple 14” x 6,5”, 8 mm shell