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Thread Locks by Zebra Drums offer the best solution in preventing detensioning of tension rods.

No more loosening of tension rods on of snare drums and toms, because of unique friction design combined with slotted/oval holes of standard metal/wooden hoops.

  • No metal-to-metal contact between hoop and tension rod, resulting in smooth tuning of the drum
  • Drums fitted with Thread Locks keep their original look
  • Install just once. You can tune your drum with Thread Locks installed.
  • Thread Locks will not come off your drum in any situation unlike similar products do
  • And of course the most important feature, no more loosening of tension rods!!

Check before purchase:

  • Thread Locks will fit only in metal or wooden hoops with slotted/oval holes as shown in image;
  • Supplied tension rods have UNC 12-24 threads (most commonly used). They will also fit in lugs with BSW 7/32 threading (which is almost the same as UNC 12-24);
  • Thread Locks and supplied tension rods will NOT fit on DW and older SONOR drums with M6 threads.

If you are not sure if the Thread Locks will fit your drum ask your local drumsupplier or send an email to with a specific description of your drum.

Length of tension rods

The tension rods are supplied with the Thread Locks. You need to use these as the Thread Locks need specific rods to function properly. The supplied tension rods are available in different lenghts. Check the length of the current tension rods on your drum. The Thread Locks are 4 mm thick, so you need to subtract 4 mm from the total length of the tension rods. The length mentioned on the package is the total length of the tension rod, so for example: a 52 mm tension rod – 4 mm = 48 mm true length.

Use of lubricant

You need to avoid any contact between between a lubricant and the Thread Lock. But it is still possible to use a lubricant together with the Thread Locks. This is how:

  • Screw the Thread Lock on the supplied tension rod
  • When the Thread Lock is screwed onto the tension rod for about 20 mm you can apply a lubricant on the tip of the tension rod, be sure that there is no lubricant around the Thread Lock! Screw the tension rod into place and you’re good to go.
  • If for some reason you want to remove the Thread Lock after installing, you need to remove the remaining lubricant on the tension rod VERY thouroughly!


ALWAYS install Thread Locks with the Thread Lock fitted into the hoop first, BEFORE the tension rod screws into the lug as shown in the images below.

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