Rhythm Magazine:
“The experience of purity may arise because most drums are never tuned that accurately and evenly top and bottom”

“THESE DRUMS SOUND LIKE THEY ARE AMPLIFIED”, most heard remark when heard acoustically.

Zebra Drums’ drum kits are handmade instruments that stand out in sound and design. Every single part of the hardware and shell is designed to get the best possible sound out of a drum. This means you get more dynamic, super clear tone, a lot of sustain, better tuning experience, loads of body and a lot of projection out of these drums compared to other drums.

All kits are standard fitted with Remo heads, 2.3 mm triple flanged hoops on the toms, Thread Locks which prevent detuning while playing and Zebra Drums’ specially designed brass free floating lugs (chrome plated) which are made in house. All bass drums are fitted with handmade matching wood hoops which are superior compared to a standard ply hoop. Reasons why:

  • The hoops match the wood of the bass drum shell in whatever wood species (including stain) you choose;
  • They are more rigid when compared to a ply hoop and therefore will tune better;
  • Bass drum claws are obsolete;
  • Thread Locks are integrated into the hoop, which prevents detuning during playing and rattling of loose tension rods;
  • Protection for bass drum pedal is included;
  • They make for a unique and finished look that you will only get at Zebra Drums (not sold separately).

You can choose between a variety of stains (only with London Plane Tree & Hard Maple). All shells are finished in a combination of oil & wax which gives a satin sheen and makes the natural wood grain stand out beautifully.

Drum sets come in 4 different wood species, choose yours below.

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Bass drum hoops
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London Plane Tree

London Plane Tree



Hard Maple

Hard Maple

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