Great review in Dutch drum magazine Slagwerkkrant

This year got off to a great start! One of my kits got reviewed/tested by the national Dutch drum magazine Slagwerkkrant in their latest edition and got a very positive result! I couldn’t ask for a better review to be honest. I’m really proud of the outcome! I’ve attached the complete article but it’s all in Dutch of course. To summarize the test (quotes):

  • the kit excelled (and in their words is miles ahead of the competition) in tuning and tuning range.
  • the tuning of both heads on one side turned out to be a major benefit and different sounds/pitch dive was easily achieved with different head combinations. This worked extremely well in the test. 
  • the finish and construction on the kit was of the highest quality. - loads of character in terms of sound. - more to it than meets the eye, many great details on the kit: handmade bass drum woodhoops, fingerjointed shells & Thread Locks to name just a few. WHAT A GREAT RESULT!!!

IN DUTCH: Ik sta in de laatste editie van de Slagwerkkrant! Het gehele artikel is hier te lezen (zie foto’s). De test is echt super positief uitgevallen, waar ik echt enorm blij mee ben. Vooral het stukje dat er geen nadelen zijn😀. Veel leesplezier!! Als je het hierdoor interessant vindt om dit zelf eens te komen proberen, dan stuur me gerust een berichtje!🙏🙏🥁🥁🥁

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