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* Clear warm sound with a serious attack *

This particular wood species is a relative of the maple and sycamore species. But it has it’s own characteristics. It’s a bit softer than maple and therefore sounds a bit warmer, but still with a very strong attack, similar to the characteristics of a metal shell. It also has a beautiful grain which can be highlighted with several color stains (will be updated soon). Choose your options below.

Choose your type of Remo heads, type of color stain and type of oil finish (no wraps or lacquer). These drums are standard supplied with 2,3 mm triple flanged hoops and Zebra Drums’ specially designed brass free floating tube lugs (made in house).


There are three types of oil finishes available:

  • Matte oil finish
  • Satin oil finish
  • Glossy oil finish

Available colors

Translucent Black

Flaming Red

Available sizes and prices

Standard finish of hardware is chrome. Hardware in nickel finish adds another € 41 to the starting price of rack toms, € 62 for floor toms and € 83 for bass drums (All prices are excl. V.A.T.). Customs jobs are always negotiable, but will add an extra fee to the standard price depending on the extra work.

Rack toms
Starting prices, including S.A.S. mounting system:

Ø 8" measure 7"-8" € 561,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 10" measure 7"-10" € 577,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 12" measure 7"-12" € 619,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 13" measure 7"-13" € 643,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 14" measure 10"-14" € 660,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 15" measure 10"-15" € 685,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 16" measure 12"-16" € 701,- excl. V.A.T.

Floor toms
Starting prices, including S.A.S. floor tom system:

Ø 14" measure 10"-14" € 787,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 15" measure 10"-15" € 829,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 16" measure 12"-16" € 870,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 18" measure 14"-18" € 953,- excl. V.A.T.

Bass drums
Starting prices, including custom matching wood hoops:

Ø 18" measure 14"-18" € 1380,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 20" measure 14"-18" € 1463,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 22" measure 14"-18" € 1545,- excl. V.A.T.
Ø 24" measure 14" € 1628,- excl. V.A.T.

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