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UK Drum Show 2018

This year Zebra Drums will be attending the UK Drum Show 2018 in Manchester for the first time. Visit us at the Drumazon stand and try out our latest kit!

UK Drum Show in Manchester

Another positive review!!

Here's a link to a review of a full London Plane drum kit by Drummer's Review. Be sure to use headphones.

London Plane drum kit by Drummer's Review on YouTube

6th of March 2018 ***** Five star review!

Click on the image to read the great review of the Hybrid and a maple snare drum in this month’s issue of Rhythm Magazine!

“... it’s not often I find myself struggling to offer a single critism...”

“... These drums do exactly what they’re supposed to, with no little flair. For the price they are a steal.”

Zebra Drums' 5-star review in Rhythm Magazine

Zebra Drums attended the first edition of the Crash It drumfair in Mannheim last weekend on the 8th of October. I received many positive reactions from enthousiastic drummers during the event. The Zebra Drums free floating stave shell drumkit had a lasting impression. Christoph Behm, from bonedo.de, wrote a short review of the drumkit:

"Ebenfalls für Aufsehen sorgte das Free-Floating Stave Kit von Zebra Drums aus Holland. Hier konnte man vergleichsweise dünne, miteinander verzahnte Dauben und eigene Free-Floating Hardware bestaunen. Besonders die Toms klangen phänomenal! Hier hat sich jemand richtig Gedanken gemacht, und auch die Preise waren erfreulich moderat angesiedelt."

In English: "The Free-Floating Stave Kit by Zebra Drums from Holland was also on show. Here one could admire comparatively thin, interconnected staves and own free-floating hardware. Especially the toms sound phenomenal! Someone has really thought this through here, and also the prices were pleasantly moderately settled."

Link: www.bonedo.de

On to the next drumfair!

The website is due for an update as you may have noticed. The last developments about the drumkit can be followed on the facebook page.

Zebra Drums at the Crash It drumfair in Mannheim 2016
Zebra Drums at the Crash It drumfair in Mannheim 2016

June 9th 2016: Zebra Drums @ the Dutch Vintage Drum Meeting 2016 presenting the full free floating stave shell drumkit. The kit is fitted with our own unique S.A.S. Mounting System for toms and floortom (S.A.S. means Spring Action Suspension). And of course the new free floating system. The website will be updated as soon as possible with the complete kit and options. Check our facebook page for any updates.

Zebra Drums drum kit
Zebra Drums at the Dutch Vintage Drum Meeting in Nieuwegein

December 6th 2015: Now available at Triepels Slagwerk in Geleen, Zebra Drums snare drums!! Currently in shop; the hybrid snaredrum 14"x5,5", all black hardware and a 14"x5" maple concert snaredrum, all chrome hardware with diecast hoops.

Zebra Drums attended the fourth edition of the Dutch Vintage Drum Meeting in Nieuwegein (Holland) on May the 31st. The first working prototype of the Zebra Drums free floating stave shell drumkit was presented for the first time. This kit has a unique spring-actioned suspension for both tom-toms (patent pending) and a Zebra Drums free floating system. This kit has a tremendous sound and it's so easy to tune. The positive feedback was overwhelming!
And now busy trying out a few other things with this kit live & in the studio. We'll keep you informed!! It won't take long before this kit will be on the market.... Don't hesitate to contact me for a test.

Zebra Drums at the Dutch Vintage Drum Meeting in Nieuwegein
Zebra Drums review in Slagwerkerskrant

August 23rd 2014: A few months ago Zebra Drums sent four snares to the Slagwerkkrant (Dutch drummers magazine) for a rigorous test. The snares apparently did their job very well and then some. Resulting in a very positive review! Click on the picture to download and read the review.

December 29th 2013: Zebra Drums snare drum news in the Slagwerkkrant (national drummers magazine, edition Jan-Feb)! Still developing the drum kit. We'll keep you updated on Facebook. Don't forget to like us! Have a happy New Year!!

Zebra Drums in Slagwerkerskrant Slagwerkerskrant Jan/Feb 2013

October 25th 2013: Website updated with new snares. And we have a whole drum kit in development! Check Facebook for further developments of the Zebra Drums drum kit.

October 22nd 2012: New snares, news sounds and more...!

August 16th 2012: Check out our promo-video!

June 14th 2012: Website updated with new snares. Also check out some new recordings by Shirma Rouse on the audio page.

November 16th 2011: Franky Gomez, Best Dutch blues drummer 2010, plays on Zebra Hybrid snare drum. Click here for more info about Frank Gomez.

October 26th 2011: Check out our page on Facebook and 'like us'.

July 12th 2011: Website online, check it out!